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Development course

China's top ten sanitary ware brand
19 years focused ceramic sanitary ware industry, only to create your "enjoy home"

1995, the establishment of Guangdong UNCOMMON Industrial Co., the East is still the same year launched an extraordinary ceramic brand

1998, the founder of the international market UNCOMMON International Ltd.

2000, to establish a strategic partnership with the famous Italian brand THUN

2000, became well-known brand in Greater China Ceramic HOBBY LOBBY designated supplier

2000, using the international standard product symbol

2002, ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification

2003, to establish strategic partnerships with well-known British brand HOAAROS

2005, and US brands PIER1 entered into strategic partnership

2006, with the United States to determine the well-known brand CRATE & BARREL special strategic partnership

2007, with the US giant COSTCO home together, the Asia-Pacific region has become the designated supplier

2008, the introduction of European music is still good magnetic bathroom brands

2008, Vice President of China Building Decoration Association Kitchen Works Committee units

2008, China building and sanitary ceramics Technical Standards Committee member of the unit

2008, Europe is still good music · Magnetic won China's top ten most potential bathroom brands

2009, China-saving Industry Standardization Technical Committee member units

2009, ten well-known brand sanitary

2009, Chinese Kitchen hundred

2009, Chinese sanitary ware industry enterprises

2009, China Construction Products

2009, Chinese famous brand

2009, outstanding green products

2009, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

2009, ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification

2009, a variety of products through the Chinese water-saving product certification

2009, outstanding home brands

2010, the rapid growth of China's top ten brands of ceramic sanitary ware

2010, China's top ten brand sanitary engineering

2011, China's top ten sanitary ware brand

2011, for three consecutive years won the China Kitchen hundred

2012, once again won the top ten well-known brands bathroom

2013, China's top ten brands of ceramic sanitary ware