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Prevent shower blew method

Post Date:2015/1/8  Readed:1082

Shower glass when it will explode, being difficult to predict. Bathroom top ten brands, said that to prevent it blew wounding, by some security measures to improve its safety performance, put its threat of injury to a minimum.
1, do not quickly raise the temperature, reduce the chance of an explosion.
Inside the shower room is a confined space, high temperature and high pressure accumulated to a certain extent, it will put pressure on the glass screen, resulting in uneven heating of glass, lead glass blew easier. Therefore, bathroom top ten brands recommended bath time, do not suddenly use of high temperature hot water.
2, to avoid the collision, drive slowly off the light.
Relatively high strength tempered glass, but glass is characterized by its sharp things more afraid than ordinary glass, if the overall result was strongly collision may burst.
3, the choice of laminated glass, glass to eradicate the risk of explosion.
Laminated glass also known as laminated glass is two or more pieces of glass sandwiched in the middle of tough PVB film, due to the film in the middle layer of tough and strong adhesion, can not easily be damaged by shock after penetrating debris does not fall off, and film tightly bonded together, the security is very high. Bathroom top ten brands, said traditional laminated glass with its good safety has been widely used in car windows, security doors, windows and other areas of the bank.