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Heat pump water heaters Introduction

Post Date:2015/1/8  Readed:1111

Bathroom top ten brands, said energy saving, green, environmental protection has become an important part of many consumers consider when purchasing home appliances, energy-efficient appliances and therefore has become a major appliance manufacturer's R & D focus.
Heat pump water heater is a hot product on the market force. It has a low cost, energy saving, environmental protection, safety; easy installation, hot water output temperature constant, etc., but no special requirements for the installation location, so sought after by many consumers.
Bathroom top ten brands, said heat pump technology in recent years, concern in the world of new energy technologies. People familiar with the "pump" is a way to increase the potential energy of the mechanical equipment. As the name implies, "heat pump" air, water or soil from the natural world in a obtain low-grade heat, acting through power providing can be used by people of high-grade heat energy means.
Heat pump water heater system generally consists of four components: a compressor, condenser, throttle valve, evaporator. Bathroom top ten brands, said its work process:
When the evaporator draw heat from the surrounding environment to evaporate heat transfer working fluid, after the refrigerant vapor compressed by the compressor, the temperature rises to a high temperature and pressure steam, high-temperature steam is condensed into liquid by the condenser, the heat released is transmitted to the reservoir water in the tank. Heat the condensed working fluid is returned through an expansion valve to the evaporator, and then evaporated, to complete the heating cycle.