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China's top ten sanitary ware brand
19 years focused ceramic sanitary ware industry, only to create your "enjoy home"



Senchn bathroom is still magnetic, China's top ten bathroom brand. 23 years focus on ceramic sanitary ware industry, to build your "fun in the home!


The Guangdong Oral Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. is a remarkable enterprise groups under extraordinary enterprise group founded by Mr. Huang Lihui, the predecessor of extraordinary technology of Chaozhou ceramics factory was founded in 1995. Group currently employs 3,000 people, subordinates Guangdong the extraordinary Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangdong Oral Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd., the three enterprises directly under the Chaozhou extraordinary Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd., and shares or holding a number of industry association business. Through years of development has been the formation of sanitary ceramics, technical ceramics, ceramics for daily use, and kitchen equipment, and other integrated group of companies.

Guangdong Oral Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. is the enterprise for the production of sanitary ceramics and kitchen equipment, with the rapid development of the global kitchen market, the efforts of all staff and partners, Guangdong the Oral excellent kitchen and bathroom has become the industry which one of the most rapidly developing enterprise.
Corporate Culture:
Extraordinary Enterprise Group is committed to the development concept of the "Industrial serve the country, brand power," based on the Chinese mainland, the global market.

Brand concept:
Senchn bathroom is still magnetic is Guangdong Oral Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. 's brand, national brand bathroom was created for the domestic market, the sense of science and technology, modern image, promote a relaxed, happy consumer experience, located in the pursuit sense of style and comfort in high-end consumer groups.
Product R & D capabilities:
R & D team with 196 people and covers an area of ??10,000 square meters, fully equipped independent R & D center. Deep partnership with South China Normal University in 2010, so that R & D, the ability to design became the industry-leading.
Strong supply capacity:
Relying on high quality, rich in mineral soil resources, now has 60,000 square meters modern ceramic workshop, 40,000 square meters of ancillary processing workshop, 50,000 square meters of warehousing and logistics space, the operating area of ??150,000 square meters of modern bathroom equipment suppliers.
Operational, market and brand:
The company now has a sound marketing services team, from product design-to-end design, logistics, after-sales orders, from sales to marketing to provide customers with the whole "nanny services".