About Oulu

Theory of Business

China's top ten sanitary ware brand
19 years focused ceramic sanitary ware industry, only to create your "enjoy home"


Brand slogan:
Enjoy senchn bathware Makes a cheerful family


Triple connotation of the brand slogan
To substance: SENCHN sanitary products, a comfortable bathroom experience, so the bathroom space for fun in the home;
To substance: SENCHN sanitary advocacy happy and relaxed attitude to life, as long as the optimistic state of mind to relax the world are fun in the home;
The third layer of meaning: Oral Brief | still magnetic emotional bond partners, relatives, living truth there is happiness, success fun in the home.

Brand mission:
Bathroom space into a place full of sunshine and happiness, so that the SENCHN a measure of living the values ??of the new coordinates.

Brand values:
n to create a happy
The bathroom is not only clean, it is also where to look for and found happiness.
n enjoy life
Concerned about the needs of the people, respect for human comfort in the bathroom, SENCHN health stations still magnetic Harbour is both a return to work one day, and re-starting.
n condensed truth
The emphasis on family cohesion, and emphasis on family members live in harmony, SENCHN sanitary unite the bond of harmony and happiness at home.

Brand personality keyword:
Happiness, harmony, affinity, relax