About Oulu


China's top ten sanitary ware brand
19 years focused ceramic sanitary ware industry, only to create your "enjoy home"

Happy to enjoy the brand appeal of Europe Yue Jia is still magnetic as product design and development concepts not only happy, but this happy philosophy penetrated into the nuances of business management, penetrate into partnership with each client, sevengreat fun in the management culture, just as the rainbow, the rainbow-like smile to every European Yue Jia is still magnetic employees and customers.


SENCHN mission: to create a happy life, to create a happy home
SENCHN magnetic core philosophy: the pursuit of the perfect harmony
SENCHN strategic objectives: live in a world of happiness bathroom brand
SENCHN management philosophy: fair, open, fair, efficient, practical, human nature
SENCHN business concept: the quality of the target service for the purpose, the perfect ideal, harmonious method, culture, rooted in
SENCHN marketing concept: Integrity Marketing is the premise of product marketing is the key to create a brand is the purpose of
SENCHN behavior: the letter to man, this music source, internal confidence and external credibility