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Faucet purchase details

Post Date:2015/1/8  Readed:1073

How can consumers avoid buying substandard quality secondary and even tap it? Bathroom top ten brands, said, pay attention to the following details when purchasing faucets:

1, turn the handle: lightweight spool feel good

Common steel ball valve and faucet valve Taocifaxin. Bathroom top ten brands, said ball valve has a very good resistance to pressure capability, but the drawback is the rubber ring from the seal consumable will soon aging. And ball valve compared Taocifaxin more heat-resistant, while the ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance, can achieve high resistance to open times, not because of wear and tear caused by the valve faucet dripping. Taocifaxin leader, feel more comfortable, smooth, and open and close rapidly.

Because inside the faucet valve, consumers can not see the spool in the purchase, but consumers may simply feel judged based on the quality of the spool when turning the handle. Bathroom top ten brands, said, in general, the consumer, down, left and right turn the handle, if feel light, no sense of the description of the valve block better.

2. Test the water: rich and soft foam bubbler better explanation

Consumers in the purchase, you should try to choose the faucet with a bubbler and water hand touch feeling, soft and rich foaming water to illustrate better quality bubbler. Bathroom top ten brands, said bubbler generally six, usually made of metal grilles, water passes through the nets will be cut into the middle of a lot of water mixed with a small air so that the water will not splash.

3, to detect the book: more quality assurance

Usually brass faucet body. Products made with brass plating to ensure the best quality, the higher the purity brass plating the better the quality, the more difficult the plating layer on the surface corrosion. Some manufacturers to reduce costs, use zinc alloy instead of brass, although the state allows the use of zinc alloy instead of brass, but the poor quality zinc alloy plating, corrosion resistance is not strong.

In general, consumers in the purchase method can be used to identify the estimated weight, heavy brass harder, zinc alloy lighter softer. Bathroom top ten brands, said weight should not be judged solely on the quality of the quality of the tap, because some manufacturers by increasing the thickness of the faucet or adding other metal materials, can also make them weigh heavier faucet. Consumers demanded the best product test report to the sales staff, the report finds that if the detection of qualified products, the problem is not.

Furthermore, bathroom top ten brands recommended that consumers should choose a more durable overall cast taps. Beat up the whole cast taps sound more boring, consumers in the purchase can be judged by tap tap tap whether the whole cast.

4, recognize the brand: choose brand service more secure

Finally, consumers should go to regular markets and supermarkets to buy brand taps. Manufacturers of branded goods are brand identity, non-formal or poor quality products are often the product of some paper label pasted only, even without any markup. Bathroom top ten brands, said there should be within the manufacturer's brand identity faucet crates, quality assurance and after-sales service card.