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Drain purchase to pay attention to the two properties

Post Date:2015/1/8  Readed:1300

Floor drain is an important interface to connect the sewer system and interior floor, as an important part of the drainage system of the house, bathroom top ten brands, said its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, the smell of the bathroom control is very important. To select a suitable drain to note the following two properties:

1. Under the existing building structure can not change the premise, floor drain odor is the best way to solve the odor problem. Common drain typically include body and floating floor drain cover. Floor drain body means to drain the formation of the water seal parts, the main part of the storage bay, due to present a lot of floor drain odor rely mainly seal, so the depth of the structure, the design is reasonable decision to drain sewage capacity and anti-odor capacity size. When the float is covered with water leaking in to the body with water fluctuate, many connected to the floating cover under another bell cover, water or water pipes under the cover came from the dead, to prevent anti-odor from the water pipe to the interior.

2, from the use of function points, dedicated to drain into two general use and washing machine. Dedicated to drain washing machine in the middle of a round hole for drain insertion, overlying the rotatable lid when not able to cover, unscrew when used, is very convenient, but less powerful than ordinary deodorant floor drain. Ten brand bathroom proposal, try not too much room to set up and install floor drain.

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